What type of data can be managed with PIM tools?

Managing the information produced is part of a big process for a company. In an era where digitalization is the cornerstone of sales, it is important for any distributor or manufacturer operating in the company to well manage of its product information. PIM tools are therefore necessary to manage data. But what kind of data can you manage with this solution?

What exactly is PIM?

PIM or Product Information Management is a kind of software used to manage all the information related to the marketing and promotion of products including material, colour, dimension, size, description, etc. Overall, this information comes from countless information collections such as CRM, ERP and sources. PIM collects and aggregates data in order to create a single version of the information, which can then be used both externally and internally by translators, graphic designers, suppliers.... We recommend you to visit GOALAND product experience management platform.

Why use the PIM solution?

As an example: let’s assume you had to define a pair of shoes. What information would you think of? Care instructions, brand, performance, material, sizes, colour, model... and the list goes on. Now let's assume that you run a dedicated online shop and that your product includes many pairs of shoes, the amount of information will increase exponentially! At first glance, preparing this information in one or more Excel files seems to be the only possible alternative.It’s true that this solves some restrictions, however, it also creates many other restrictions. In fact, manipulating a portrait with many rows is neither safe, nor fast, nor ergonomic, and certainly not conducive to effective collaboration. As your product mix grows, you build new channels and collect more product information. So, it becomes crucial to gather and organise this large amount of data at the reference origin level in order to facilitate its spread and validation as well as the product data update. All this explains the purpose of the PIM option.   

What kind of data can you manage with a PIM tool?

The PIM solution is designed to manage information, also known as "cold" information, which is not always referenced or modified. Here are some examples of cold product information, which fully falls within the scope of PIM:  - Logistical features (width, height, net weight, gross weight...). - Marketing features (product appeal, eye-catching, etc.). - Special properties (characteristics, size, material, colour, etc.). - General properties (SKU, code, description...).

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