How to optimize your omnichannel business strategy?

Customers have never been more unpredictable. Before buying products, they gather all the data and use all available communication channels to get as much information as possible about the product or service. Faced with this change in behaviour, companies must…

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How to hold a webinar?

A checklist must be drawn up if you want to manage your webinar perfectly. First and foremost, it is important to choose the right platform so that you can organise your online conference with ease. Here is how to do…

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Why call on influencers?

Influencers are internet users who manage to gather a large number of followers on blogs or social media (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). They are opinion makers with extraordinary prescribing abilities that can influence purchasing decisions in their community. Here…

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How does sponsorship benefit a company?

If you sponsor an event, you should know that you have the possibility to benefit from tax breaks! Indeed, up to 60% of the donation fees can be deducted from taxable income, and that’s not all, you can also reclaim…

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