Why call on influencers?

Influencers are internet users who manage to gather a large number of followers on blogs or social media (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). They are opinion makers with extraordinary prescribing abilities that can influence purchasing decisions in their community. Here is why calling on them is a good idea...

Attracting a large audience

By using the help of an influencer, you benefit from a qualified and loyal audience. As he/she grows on social networks, he/she succeeds in building a community that tends to like and comment on his/her posts. On social networks such as Instagram, visitors are increasingly curious and dare to ask the influencers many questions, whether it's about the size, the composition or the material of the products he/she displays on his/her page. If you choose your opinion leader well, you will be able to effectively reach the people who correspond to your objectives! He/she has the ability to influence a community composed of individuals who are similar in his/her buying habits and behaviour and, in particular, whom he/she can identify with.

Increasing your brand's reach

Influencers can increase your brand’s value and reach. Indeed, they sometimes have more followers than the brands they promote. Therefore, when they promote your brand on their social media pages, there is a high probability that your audience will visit your website and buy your products. If they are delighted with the quality of your products, they are likely to talk about your brand themselves with their family members and peers who may visit your website, and this pattern can be repeated many times. Last but not least, don't forget that opinion leaders will give a lot of advice to their communities, whether it's about the presentation of products, the provision of services or the way your products are used. In any case, influences are a great opportunity for Internet users who want to learn more about any product before making their purchases.

Influencers, a source of trust for visitors

Consumers trust their peers more than the brand itself, that’s why partnering with an influencer is a real success. After all, many consumers will make a purchase after reading an article promoting it. For loyal followers, influencers are a source of trust and inspiration.

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