Why you should use a Cloud for your company

According to the SecNumcloud repository, established by the French ANSSI or national agency for the security of information systems, cloud computing can be defined as a type of IT management that allows access through the path of a network to divided and configurable IT resources. These resources are delivered on demand or on a self-service basis. It is the highest qualification in the field of IT security. But why use the cloud? What are its benefits? Continue reading to know the answers to these questions...

Outsourcing your IT hardware installation

With the SecNumcloud repository, IaaS service applies the provision of extracted IT resources, such as CPU power, memory and storage. The IaaS model allows to have outsourced resources. The company can therefore retain control over the operating system, memory, applications used and certain network elements such as the firewall. With this solution, each company can manage the application software and server middleware. Indeed, the cloud provider in turn administers the server hardware, virtualisation layers, operating system, storage and networks.

Cloud: providing greater accessibility and agility

Among the benefits of the cloud, mobility and availability are the most remarkable. Moreover, Cloud solutions are affordable at all times. Indeed, the cloud allows for increased mobility of the company’s partners. Continuous access to services allows for improved collaboration with coworkers as well as partners outside the company. By the same logic, mobile and remote working will be simplified by the deployment of the cloud. In addition, real-time data delivery offers real cost efficiencies.

The security features of the Cloud

Overall, security has been one of the main barriers to cloud adoption within companies for years. However, these are now aware of its benefits, particularly in terms of their data security. Cloud solution providers have been able to make a strong case for the security of their hardware. The SecNumCloud specification, for example, aims to establish a high standard in the field of corporate security. In conclusion, the use of a cloud for your company has many benefits as it allow you to outsource your physical IT infrastructure while being both accessible and mobile. The cloud is affordable at all times and offers optimal security for your data.

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