3 tips to motivate your staff

Your employees spend an average of 8 hours a day in your office. And when routine sets in, it can lead to discouragement and absenteeism. To increase productivity and efficiency, it is very important to implement approaches that motivate your team from time to time. Here is how to do it...

Recognition: a good way to motivate any team!

Money is not enough to show your appreciation to your employees. It is also necessary to congratulate them if the quality of their work is satisfactory. It is therfore advisable to thank each of your employees in public to encourage them to continue on their way. Feedback can also be given informally. From time to time, you can also give gifts to employees who deserve them. This could be a bonus, a voucher, a gift box, etc. In any case, the value does not really matter; it is the intention that counts.

Corporate events to strengthen ties between employees

It is very important to create a good atmosphere at work so that everyone can feel at ease. It is therfore advisable to arrange team outings and challenges to put employees in competition with each other and encourage communication between them. Team building, for example, fosters team cohesion. Furthermore, discussions should be encouraged outside the workplace. After work, you should not hesitate to invite your employees for a drink or a meal. You can also offer an afternoon or a weekend stay for each department to break the routine. A seminar, for example, allows everyone to meet in a calm setting, which is more conducive to concentration and creativity.

Delegation of responsibilities to increase employee commitment

A leader knows how to delegate authority. Giving your employees new tasks to enhance their skills is of paramount importance. However, you have to give those tasks to those who really deserve them. Therefore, you need to identify the parties involved and set them a time limit. It should benoted that you will be required to provide them with the necessary means to carry out the tasks. In any case, in order to avoid disagreements, it is advisable to detail the delegated powers. In some cases, you can also encourage them to follow training courses to boost their knowledge and skills and teach them to master new trades. This is a particularly good source of motivation for employees seeking promotion.

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